Current Projects

Funding projects of the Robert Burns International Foundation for 2014

Every year the RBIF Curatorium sets itself annual funding targets to raise the standards of living for sick and underprivileged children in Hungary.

This year there are three main funding objectives:

  1. Finance the purchase of a Carl Zeiss Karyotyping System for the genetics laboratory at the 2nd Department of Paediatrics in Tűzoltó utca. This is an important piece of equipment for the hospital, which is used to help the medical staff make accurate diagnoses of patient conditions and identify the best possible treatment.

    The equipment has been part-financed and is already in use at the hospital, the remainder of the purchase price will be paid by the Foundation in the autumn.The photos below show an earlier version of the equipment used, and there is also a picture of how the diagnoses were originally carried out on paper, requiring a lot of cutting and pasting, all work that is now done electronically.



  3. Finance the purchase of a mobile ultrasound machine for the neonatal unit at the paediatric care department of Péterfy Hospital in Budapest. This unit has 32 beds and is used to care for babies born prematurely until they are big enough and strong enough to go home with their parents.
  4. The RBIF is also helping the Fád Orphanage near Szekszárd, details will be posted as soon as the arrangements have been finalized.