Who we are ...

The amazing work carried out by the foundation since it was established is down in no small part to the people who devote their time and energy to driving the RBIF forward. The foundation enjoys the support of some prominent individuals, testifying to the sterling work performed in helping sick and underprivileged children in Hungary.


The Founder


The Robert Burns International Foundation was born out of a desire to put fundraising on a professional and transparent basis that was sustainable and ensured sick Hungarian children continued to get the support the state seemingly could not provide. Someone had to take the first step, and as President of the Hungarian Scottish Society it was Magyar Zoltán who got the ball rolling

Honorary President 


Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United Football Club and a self-confessed admirer of Robert Burns, is very interested in the activities of the foundation and is happy to lend his full support, even presenting our annual Sponsor of the Year trophy.

For more on the Ferenc Puskás – Sir Alex Ferguson Sponsor of the Year Trophy, click here.

Joint Patrons


The British Ambassador in Budapest and the Hungarian Ambassador in London.

The RBIF was set up in 2005 with the assistance of the British Embassy. At the time it was John Nichols, British Ambassador to Hungary, and Béla Szombati, Hungarian Ambassador to the UK, who agreed to become joint patrons and lend their support to the work of the RBIF. Their various successors have all generously agreed to take on the role.



This currently consists of six members, Douglas Arnott, Chairman, David WilliamsCaitlin Jones as the British Embassy representative, David ThompsonAndrás Moldovan, who oversees legal matters in the running of the Foundation, and Jock MacKenzie MBE. It is their responsibility to set the goals, monitor performance and to ensure the highest standards of governance. Members also take an active part in the work of the foundation providing advice and practical assistance.

Supervisory Board


Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Steven Conybeare, a UK lawyer based in Budapest. He is assisted by the Rev. Ken Mackenzie, former Chair of the Supervisory Board, who left his post as the minister of St. Columba’s Church in Budapest to take up a new role as the Queen’s Chaplain at Balmoral. The third and final member of the Supervisory Board is Krisztina Szegedi. 

Advisory Posts


The work of the foundation is greatly helped by our medical adviser, ProfDrGyörgy Fekete, former Director of the SOTE II clinic in Budapest. His expert advice enables the RBIF to select appropriate medical projects for funding in Hungary.