What we do ...

The activities of the Robert Burns International Foundation (RBIF) can be classed into three main pillars, as outlined below.


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Charity Fundraising

Working with the local and international community

The RBIF works closely with the Hungarian Scottish Society (HSS) to develop, promote and expand its fundraising activity. Having raised EUR 1,000,000 already over a 15-year period to 2012, the HSS and the RBIF have proven to be highly efficient networking organisations. Without interrupting their current activities, the RBIF/HSS are concentrating their efforts on drawing up a new five-year strategy for fundraising, thus completing a 20-year cycle. The foundation focuses its efforts on raising money to benefit sick and underprivileged children in Hungary and Central Europe. This fundraising is accelerating with increased facilitation through specific appeals as well as regular donations to children’s medical facilities in Hungary through the Burns Supper event.

Cultural Exchange

A New Initiative

We are aware that a number of well-intentioned and well-structured bodies already exist with an active interest in linking and promoting cultural activity within and between the two countries. For the purposes of clarification, cultural activity can be defined as, but is not limited to, the arts, music, stage, heritage, history, literature, sport, and social and intellectual exchange. To operate effectively, cultural exchange and cultural enhancement programmes frequently rely upon financial support, grants, sponsorship and/or other forms of subsidy. Many projects are only partly effective or fail completely from poor funding. RBIF will use its networking skills to facilitate the funding of more projects relevant to its mission. RBIF will work closely with the British Council, the English Speaking Union and any other body in the EU dedicated to cultural exchange. The Curatorium and its cultural advisor(s) will review applicant bodies, decide upon projects worthy of support and through the foundation’s networks, focus upon fundraising facilitation for those projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Good management and sound finances

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a global buzzword for the new millennium. In Hungary, as elsewhere, state owned and private enterprises alike are being encouraged to place greater emphasis on real corporate or social responsibility. The efforts of forward-thinking companies are beginning to be recognised. As this develops and is seen as something desirable, the foundation keenly supports organisations, such as the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF), who work hard to promote such activities. With expert advice from such sister organisations, our friends and sponsors, RBIF will continue to help develop this through committed managers, who will then become ‘social beacons’ in Hungary and trainers of others for the future. RBIF will continue to work closely with the HBLF, the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and any other body dedicated to the philosophy behind CSR. The RBIF sets a leading example of good practice by being fully committed to open financial management, accounting and auditing. All our overheads are sponsored and only direct costs are paid for from donations.